A student, Sarah Beattie made portraits of the professors at St. Francis Xavier. Here is mine!


Why Can’t Dolezal Be a Jenner?

Logic and the Riddle of Divergent Reactions Sometimes one has the impression that a large part of US media is devoted to soap opera — celebrity sightings and tabloid gossip — as if to distract ordinary readers from important issues with serious political, social, economic, and even environmental implications. This last week, the soap opera... Continue Reading →

Three wise men: Meet the Groarke brothers

All professors with PhDs in philosophy, the Groarke triplets share much more than their identical DNA. Professors Paul, Leo and Louis Groarke are a statistical anomaly. They’re triplets, which occurs only once in several thousand natural pregnancies. They are monozygotic (all of them sprang from a single fertilized egg) and thus they’re identical – clones,... Continue Reading →

The New Canadian Legal Order: Discriminating against Christians to End Discrimination

The Disturbing Mentality behind the Disenfranchisement of Trinity Western University's Sincere Religious Believers Most prominent Canadian universities are decidedly secular places. Trinity Western University in Vancouver, British Columbia, is unusual because, as the name indicates, it takes its religious affiliation seriously. The college is designed to serve a particular religious community: dedicated Evangelical Christian students... Continue Reading →

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